If you knew what each of your online visitors was about to do next, you could capture more sales and lower your costs in an instant.

Now Interact lets you do that, using unique predictive intelligence technology that makes sense of your website visitors’ digital body language and bridges the gap between your online contact channels and call center operations.

Used to enhance existing engagement and personalization products or as a stand-alone platform, Now Interact optimizes the sales process and improves conversions through understanding and predicting user flow between online and offline channels in real-time.

Predictive omnichannel intelligence from Now Interact

Connects your website to your call centre

Data gathered during a customer’s online journey is invaluable, yet it is so often ignored. By combining offline and online customer behavior data, our machine-learning algorithms deliver a decrease in cart abandonment, higher conversion rates and increased sales.

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Transforms sales and service performance

Now Interact’s Omnichannel Insights uses in-depth data gathering combined with machine-learning to accelerate the digitalization process for sales and service. The results? Streamlined processes, bigger profits, reduced cart abandonment and more sales.

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Increase conversions and track ROI

Web visitors are individuals, not personas. And each of them wants a personalized online experience. Our predictive intelligence tailors your contact channels according to the requirements of each individual, in real-time, to improve the customer experience and increase sales.

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Empowers agents

SiteVision by Now Interact gives call center agents unparalleled visibility into the online journey of a caller who originated from your website. With a detailed real-time view of a caller’s journey, SiteVision empowers contact center agents to deliver a truly personalized customer experience.

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tomas westerstrom

"The result spoke for itself. Now Interact contributed to an overall increase of our sales of more than 10% — demonstrating that our digital store could provide higher conversion from the same number of visitors."

Tomas Westerström - Head of Consumer Finance SEB

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Embrace a seamless omnichannel experience

Use class-leading predictive intelligence that gleans real-time insights from your customers’ online journeys to ensure that they are served the contact channel most relevant to their needs.

Take advantage of omnichannel insights that combine the power of online and offline into one coherent solution; a solution that improves the customer experience and increases sales with minimal legwork.

Work with the industry-leading omnichannel vendor that has powered some of Europe’s largest and most forward-thinking companies to deliver on the promise of personalization.

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