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Now Interact’s leading Predictive Intelligence platform helps you convert more customers and accelerate digitalization by using offline outcomes to optimize online contact channel visibility.

Our channel-agnostic machine-learning technologies allow you to deliver the personalized, seamless experience your customers demand.

Predictive Intelligence to...

  • — Drive omnichannel transformation
  • — Digitalize sales and service
  • — Personalize contact channels
  • — Drive sales
  • — Reduce unnecessary call volume
  • — Deliver measurable ROI
  • — Empower agents
  • — Improve customer experience
  • — Reduce cost-to-serve
  • — Turn inbound calls into an online channel

From Predictive Intelligence to proactive interaction

In today’s omnichannel world, customers interact with brands across a wide variety of platforms, both online and offline. That’s why it’s crucial for you to deliver a smooth and seamless experience for your customers as they move between channels. Now Interact’s Predictive Intelligence technology makes this a reality.

Our unique predictive customer intelligence technology learns from your website visitors’ digital body language and behavior to facilitate real-time personalization that ultimately decreases cart abandonment and boosts conversion rates. But what makes us truly unique is that we’re then able to further optimize the customer experience by connecting online and offline performance data across all channels, including your call center and your retail store.

Rather than using rigid, generalized business rules, our machine-learning algorithms analyze online behavioral data and combine it with offline performance insights for key customer touch-points (originating from web-based interactions). And that makes our algorithms over three times more effective than manual rule-based intelligence*.

And because Now Interact’s Predictive Intelligence easily integrates with any third-party contact channel solution, your company willl be equipped to become an omnichannel leader with minimal disruption.

Having a truly omnichannel presence is only possible if you have a real-time view of what each of your online visitors are thinking. Now Interact’s technology gives you access to this information, opening the gateway to real omnichannel success.

*According to Now Interact research

The Now Interact technology suite

Omnichannel Insights

Now Interact's Omnichannel Insights technology uses in-depth data gathering and sophisticated predictive analytics to accelerate the digitalization of sales and service. It is also the tool that will help you to reach your business goals in a substantially shorter time.

Through a thorough analysis of your website visitors' behavior, Omnichannel Insights will arm you with all of the information that you need to improve your contact strategy, optimize the customer experience and accelerate the speed of your company’s digitalization.

Now Interact's Omnichannel Insights will provide you with the answers that you’ve been looking for about your online visitors.

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Personalized Contact Channels

Our class-leading technology ‘Personalized Contact Channels’ is a comprehensive predictive customer intelligence solution designed to offer an optimized omnichannel experience. Machine-learning algorithms ensure your visitors are served the channels most aligned with their needs, as well as matching your priorities & contact center capacity.

We’re able to categorize visitors according to the stage of the buying cycle they are in and their likelihood to convert online versus offline.

Our solution enables businesses to proactively engage with buyers before they abandon, and personalize offers and services in order to maximize the output from online and offline sales channels.

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SiteVision is our unique agent-facing platform that uses predictive intelligence data gathered by our machine-learning algorithms to deliver a complete customer experience view for advisors in the contact center.

SiteVision gives contact center agents a full overview of each caller’s online journey, as well as tracking their website activity throughout the duration of the call. It also updates the agent about the caller’s behavior and areas of interest, and even allows the agent to send links, or other relevant content, direct to their browser. SiteVision enables agents to deliver a customer experience like never before.

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How we helped revolutionize Three’s multichannel sales in two months…

"Now Interact has changed the way Three do business. It is the best piece of technology in our entire company. It can change the way that you look at your customers and the way that you sell."

Eleanor O’Donnell, Sales Manager, Three.

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