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Empower call center advisors to personalize the sales experience

If you’re working towards improving your company’s customer experience, you’ll understand how powerful data-driven insights can be. Incorporating easily digestible, real-time insights during contacts with callers from online will help your advisors to make a real, and immediate, impact. That’s what SiteVision does.

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"Insurance products can be complicated, and some consumers will abandon their purchase despite being very interested buyers. If we fail to identify and engage with these visitors in real-time, we run the risk of losing them as customers. Now Interact gives us that ability, and also drives a 22% increase in sales."

— Insurance Company Sales Director

Introducing SiteVision

Now Interact’s SiteVision platform gives your advisor unprecedented access to a caller’s online customer journey. Bridging the gap between your website and the call center, SiteVision helps you to improve the customer experience and increase conversion rates.

Easily accessed via the web or embedded within the contact center console, SiteVision uses Now Interact’s Predictive Intelligence to give insight into the steps already taken online by the caller. SiteVision also imparts invaluable information about the caller’s interests and the actions that they take on your website while connected on the call.

Customer service with unprecedented precision

With SiteVision, your agents have access to all the tools that they need to provide the very best level of customer care.

Once connected on the phone with a caller originating from your website, agents have a comprehensive overview of the caller’s previous, and continuing, online journey. Now, your organization can provide a class-leading customer experience.

SiteVision Features

Customer journey tracking

You should know exactly why each online visitor is on your website. Using predictive customer intelligence and real-time online analytics, SiteVision gives you incredible insight into your customers’ behavior. With SiteVision, you have access to more actionable information than ever before.

Conversion, conversion, conversion

SiteVision helps you to deliver a highly sophisticated level of customer service. Importantly, it also empowers advisors with real insights and knowledge that will increase your conversion rate.

Integration with your call center software

Now Interact’s SiteVision tool can be embedded into your existing call center software. Working with the tools that you’ve already invested in, SiteVision’s intuitive interface enhances customer service by giving each agent instant access to the customer’s online data trail.

Get actionable insights

See minute-by-minute metrics showing the number of calls coming in, conversions secured, revenue gained, profit raised and orders completed. Easily sort your data to see all the insights you need to monitor and improve call center performance and conversion rates.

Real-time interaction with your customers

SiteVision makes it easy for advisors to interact with customers in real-time. With SiteVision, advisors have the ability to share links with customers, see their online activity, block content and even have a view of each caller’s predicted next steps.

Measurable ROI

From data about individual advisors to a view of your whole department, SiteVision gives you access to easily digestible insights into your contact center performance. Use this information to inform strategy, drive customer service improvements and secure even more sales.

Now Interact case study


  • Drove 192,242 new leads within one year
  • 29,000+ incremental sales due to Now Interact’s predictive intelligence
  • Three reallocated inbound agents to increase its omnichannel capacity by 40% to handle the influx of leads
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