Target online visitors in real-time with Personalized Contact Channels

Predictive Analytics that help to prevent abandonment

Every visitor to your website has unique needs: your website should be helping each of these visitors to reach their specific destination by offering dynamic contact options.

Now Interact’s Personalized Contact Channels technology segments visitors in real-time, increasing self-serve and turning sales that would have otherwise been lost into real profit.

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"Now Interact is an incredibly powerful tool for our team. It means that ahead of each call our advisors have an ideal set up of how they are going to approach it to ensure they get the best result."

— Stephen McGlinchey, Three

Beat your sales targets

By optimizing and adapting your website’s available contact channels, Now Interact’s powerful, channel-agnostic Predictive Intelligence solution simultaneously helps you to improve conversion rates and manage call center capacity.

High-value or low-margin customer?

An expert can learn a lot from the way that a potential customer browses your website—but a machine can see patterns and behavioral indicators at a speed no human could ever achieve.

That’s why Now Interact’s Predictive Intelligence can accurately identify each visitor’s position within the buying cycle, determine how much they are worth to your company and decide in real-time, which contact channel they should be offered to ensure the best possible outcome.

Best for your customers, best for your contact center: Now Interact’s Personalized Contact Channels.

Personalized Contact Channels Features

Stay one step ahead of your competitors

Now Interact’s machine-learning algorithms optimize your contact channels to match operational priorities and contact center capacity, all the while ensuring that your visitors are served only the channels that best fit their needs.

Stay in sync with your user experience

Now Interact’s Javascript is easily deployed on any website back end. When installed, it immediately sets to work on understanding visitor behavior, then dynamically personalizing contact channel options based on organizational goals.

Rescue abandoned sales before they’re lost

Telltale behavioral signs are always there, but it takes predictive analytics built on machine-learning algorithms to detect the indicators in advance. Now you can transform your conversion rates and boost profits by reducing cart abandonment levels.

Dynamically adjust your contact options

Stay ahead of your competitors by automatically adjusting the available contact options on a per-customer basis. Visitor needs help? They’ll be served the FAQ or a dynamic number that connects them directly to an agent skilled to solve their problem.

Smash your conversion targets

Compared to traditional static contact channels, Now Interact’s Personalized Contact Channels is proven to significantly increase both online sales and offline contact center-assisted sales, dependant on your specific business’ needs.

Next-level call center performance

Now Interact’s technology identifies the online visitors who will happily self-serve online. These customers are directed away from calling your contact center, helping to reduce call center load and making sure service agents are devoting their valuable time to the customers that need it most.

Now Interact case study


  • 32% increase in completed sales arising from agent-assisted calls
  • 45% rise in orders, 5% higher online sales, and a huge 229% increase in profits
  • All this achieved with 26,000 fewer calls due to personalization of contact channels
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