Accelerate the digitalization of your sales and service

A new era of omnichannel has arrived

Increasing profits, forging better connections with customers and improving the online experience: these are the main promises of digitalization. They’re also three goals that many companies are failing to achieve due to lack of organisational alignment. Now Interact’s Omnichannel Insights helps companies achieve their omnichannel potential by identifying, and overcoming, legacy, organizational and technological hurdles.

Omnichannel Insights accelerates the digitalization of both sales and service. It identifies how, where and why your business needs to evolve to ensure omnichannel success.

Understand how to create internal alignment. Learn which pages and products are driving visitors to engage with the call center. Understand how to get more out of your behavioral data. Increase conversion rates, drive more sales and enjoy the benefits of a more advanced digitalization strategy. Reduce lead times, drive down costs, increase profits and organize better to embrace the opportunity that the web presents.

Omnichannel Insights is the tool that will help your company to thrive within the complex digital landscape.

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"The strength of Now Interact is the proactive approach and broadscale availability of online intelligence, which ensures an optimum performance output between online and offline disciplines."

— A major European telecoms provider

Unlock the value of profitable, insightful omnichannel intelligence

Now Interact’s Omnichannel Insights generates real profit in a matter of weeks. It will change the way you approach sales, service and your customers.

The way that contact channels are offered on your website can make or break your digitalization and define the quality of your customer service. Now Interact’s Omnichannel Insights maximizes business results and speeds your digitalization by identifying how your company needs to realign, demonstrating exactly how to capture more sales and explaining how to improve strategies.

Omnichannel Insights:
What we deliver

Omnichannel Insights will give you a real-time view of how efficiently your organization is working towards its omnichannel and digitalization goals. You’ll be able to see where customers leave your website to connect to the call center, and how heavy the real-time flow of this traffic is, through easy-to-read gauges in your web view.

We'll explain how your organization needs to align for success. We’ll provide a roadmap that will help you to reach the promise of digitalization. We’ll enable a deeper understanding of the behavioral data on your website, how your contact channels are working to meet specific business objectives and how to make your contact channels more profitable.

Now Interact’s Omnichannel Insights gives your company the momentum that it needs to succeed.


Create alignment

Many companies operate within silos that work with misaligned business goals; or fail to collaborate relationship between digital and customer service. Omnichannel Insights reveals what can be done to increase profitability, delivering a roadmap for improvement.

Visualize customer journeys

Omnichannel Insights gives you a view of what your visitors are doing on your website, as they’re doing it. Streamline your resources, lower your cost-to-serve and make your visitors happier by harnessing this information.

Boost profits and save money

Now Interact's Omnichannel Insights technology uses advanced Predictive Intelligence to boost your profits, increase sales and save you money by speeding up digitalization.

Personalize your interactions

Optimize each web experience by making anonymous visitor behavior known. By understanding why each visitor is online, in real-time, you have the tools needed to make sure that they’re being served the treatment that will help them to complete their journey.

Reduce customer abandonment

Most website visitors leave without making a purchase or getting in touch. Omnichannel Insights identifies these visitors, increasing conversion and reducing abandonment.

Target online customers better than ever

Understand what you need to do to target customers with the highest purchase intent and improve your bottom-line. With Now Interact’s Omnichannel Insights, you’ll know how to distinguish between the visitors who are looking to make a purchase, and those who have a service issue.

Now Interact case study

A leading European telco has achieved

  • 2,800 additional customers who would have otherwise left the telco’s website
  • A huge 27% conversion rate on calls facilitated by callback
  • A €410,000 increase in revenue from callback and chat contacts
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