Improving collaboration across sales channels with Bredbandsbolaget

Founded in 1998, Bredbandsbolaget offers high-speed broadband for internet access, telephony, digital TV and other services. It has more than 475,000 connected households and corporate customers, making it Sweden’s second largest broadband provider with 25% market share.

Bredbandsbolaget is part of Telenor Sweden leading provider of communications services, such as mobile and fixed telephony and data services. It is also one of the largest broadband providers with more than 200,000 households connected.

The brand was looking to improve the conversion rate of its website, as well as satisfaction with the shopping experience – leaving customers feeling as if they made the right choice.

Watch our video to see Helena Andreasson, Online Manager at Bredbandsbolaget explain how Bredbandsbolaget increased conversion and sales volumes; cooperation between sales channels; and its service level using Now Interact.

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