Predictive Intelligence to optimize user flow

If you knew what each of your online visitors was about to do next, you could capture more sales and lower your costs in an instant. Now Interact lets you do just that, using unique predictive intelligence technology that makes sense of your website visitors’ digital body language and bridges the gap between your online contact channels and call center operations.  

Used to enhance existing engagement and personalization platforms or as a stand-alone solution, Now Interact optimizes the sales process and improves conversion.

Now Interact Benefits

Online Customer Journey Optimization

Intelligently decide the support channel visitors should be offered to maximize service effectiveness and decrease cost-to-serve

Optimize Sales With Digital Customer Journey

Identify visitors that are unlikely to convert and offer real-time support through offline channels - increasing sales originating from the web

Online Conversion Improvement

Categorize visitors by the stage of the buying cycle they are in and their likelihood to convert; proactively engage with buyers before they abandon

Improve Customer Experience Measurement

Using Now Interact's Business Intelligence, you can quickly identify and take action against "bottlenecks" on your website, improving the customer experience

Understand Your Customer Journey

Our innovative combination of shopper behavior & customer service data gives a detailed insight into the customer journey

Empower Staff With Customer Journey Insights

A real-time view of the visitor’s browser - as well as historical data - empowers support agents to deliver a proactive, personalized customer experience

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